New Driver? Don’t lose your Licence!

New Driver? Don’t lose your Licence!

Being a new driver can be very scary at first! Never mind continuously worrying about losing your licence due to fixed penalty notices. In this blog we will help you understand fixed penalty notices and what happens if you are unlucky enough to be issued them, last of all tips on how to protect your licence not only for the first 2 years but forever!

What is a fixed penalty notice (FPN)?

FPN’s are used for a lot of offences however, they are mainly given for motoring offences such as speeding, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, using hand-held mobiles and that’s just to name a few! As a new driver if you are handed an FNP on-the-spot and have already acquired 3 points you may be required to hand over your licence at the scene or within seven days of the notice being issued.

More than 6 points?

If you receive more than 6 points on your driving licence within the first 2 years of passing your test your licence will be revoked by the DVLA and you will find yourself back at square one.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your licence revoked this is completely different than to a driving ban. When you are banned the DLVA will notify you with a renewal form 56 – 90 days before your ban ends depending upon how high risk you are, this then enables you to prepare on passing your test again straight away. However, with your licence being revoked you will need to apply and pay for a new provisional licence. The pass your theory and practical driving test again after the revocation period has ended.

How to avoid FPN’s?

The best way to avoid being hit with penalty points and hefty fines is to protect your licence and obey the rules of the road by being as vigilant as possible at all times. Along with any driver education courses such as Traffic Light Awareness and Driver improvement courses. A handy road safety device may almost certainly reduce your risk, and will take the nervousness out of being hit with points.