Review of Road Angel Halo Ultra by "The Review Smiths"

Review of Road Angel Halo Ultra by "The Review Smiths"

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The Halo Ultra from Road Angel comes packed with features to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, this 4K front-facing dash cam is the first dash cam that uses the latest generation of the SONY IMX415 image sensor.

This top-line sensor has an extended recording distance and clarification of obstacles that are hard to read with the naked eye all in UHD imaging, the 5Ghz ultra-fast Wi-Fi gives you transfer speeds that have been increased by up to 300% for faster and smoother downloading and viewing of your recordings.

This little camera is easy to install and has a compact, discreet body with no screens to distract you whilst you drive, the built-in GPS and telematics will store you location and speed as well as data about the vehicle’s acceleration, braking and cornering.

The ADAS road monitoring conditions and advice system examines the traffic conditions whilst driving, this can be used to make the driver aware of pedestrians, vehicle proximity, lane departure violations, onward collision warning and front car movement warning.

The Winter Heating Mode is a clever addition that ensures the windscreen remains clear from frost and ice for the clearest view whilst the parking mode ensures your car is protected even when the engine is off, and you are away from the car.

If you are involved in an accident the built-in G-Sensor will detect the sudden acceleration and deceleration, the data is saved and will be sent straight to your Smartphone, the 140-degree wide-angle lens provides a clear view of the road ahead and the peripherals.

There is an internal storage option that has a 64GB capacity which will automatically overwrite old footage and there is an optional sound recording which can be switched off for the privacy of the driver and passengers.

The Halo Ultra goes above and beyond when it comes to road safety, it is easy to use with an intuitive and responsive app and all those added features can help you become a better driver too.

– The Review Smiths