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Road Angel welcomes proposal which could see fines for being 1mph over limit

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We're all about Road Safety here at Road Angel, and this week we welcome a proposal from The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group about a change to the driving laws which would see drivers punished for exceeding the speed limit by just 1mph. 

This new law would over-ride the existing tolerance level employed by most forces of 10% plus 2mph. So, how would this affect you as a driver? As of now, traveling at 34mph in a 30mph zone, whilst is a driving offence, it's likely to see you with words of advice if caught by a Police officer. 

Under the new laws set out in the report, speeding tolerances will be a thing of the past with fines being imposed right from a 1mph infringement. 

As huge ambassadors for road safety, our very own Gary Digva believes this change in law will help further reduce accidents and fatalities, increasing the safety of our roads. 

Gary said “It may sound extreme that drivers could be fined for going just 1mph over the speed limit, but there is a real speeding problem amongst British motorists. Statistics published by the Department for Transport (DfT) have revealed that 85% of car drivers in Great Britain broke the law by driving faster than the speed limit in 20mph zones last year.

“The report also revealed that on roads with a 30mph maximum, 50% of car drivers broke the law. Speed limits are in place to make the roads safer for pedestrians, and other road users, so those ignoring the rules are putting lives at risk.

“Motorists are aware of the 10% over the speed limit leniency that most police forces operate, but we believe drivers should try and do the opposite and drive 10% under the limit to help keep them and other road users safe and avoid penalties.

“In 2021, travelling too fast or exceeding the speed limit was a contributory factor in 25% of deaths. Some people are concerned that drivers could be distracted by their speedometer if the tolerances were removed, but the reality is drivers need to know how fast they are driving.

So what can drivers do to improve their speed awareness and contribute to the safety of our roads?

When you're simply driving along, your mind is constantly checking your surroundings, looking for any potential hazard that either is present or may arise. In these situations, it's very easy to forget that we ourselves may actually be a hazard.

With your eyes occupied by the road, many drivers find themselves forgetting to monitor their speed carefully and before they know it, the 30mph has crept up to 32mph, 33mph and beyond. 

So How Do I Fix This?

The Road Angel Pure One is your second pair of eyes, continuously monitoring your speed with precision thanks to its advanced GPS system. As it tracks your speed, it uses said GPS system compare the data with the road you're traveling on and the laws of that specific road. 

What Happens if I Start to Speed?

The very second your speed goes above the legal limit, your Road Angel Pure One alerts you both with visuals and audio alerts, this allows you to correct your speed immediately. 

Pure One Prevents You Becoming The Hazard

Pure One doesn't just alert you to your speed, it also provides you as a driver with valuable information regarding your current journey. Your Pure One will inform you off all road closures, including road works and congestion. Our speed awareness device also informs you of all cameras, letting you know where fixed, mobile, bus lane and red light cameras are situated at ALL times.