Stronger penalties for using a handheld phone while driving

Stronger penalties for using a handheld phone while driving

1 March 2017 the Police are enforcing stronger penalties for using a handheld phone while driving. At the time of the campaign launch, more than 26,000 drivers have been issued with 6 penalty points on their drivers license and over 500 new drivers lost there drivers license.

THINK! campaign results show that whilst awareness of the penalty increase improved among adult drivers in England & Wales, and the perception of danger and unacceptability of using a phone while driving remained high, one in six still admitted to doing it.

This is scepticism about being caught using your phone whilst driving (37% of drivers agree that the chance of getting caught is very low) but there is new technology being launched all over the UK that uses AI to track drivers and if it sees you are using a phone it will issue a ticket.

Road Angel believe that soon our roads will be policed by cameras and we will wee fewer petrol cars on the road, the cameras are more accurate and will increase the capture rate.

Please do not use your phone whilst driving, apps such as Waze clearly state you should not use them if you are driving, if you bypass this then you open yourself to prosecution! Drive safe.