What Your Dash Cam Sees That You Might Miss

What Your Dash Cam Sees That You Might Miss

Our mini co-pilot that sits in the windshield or on the dashboard of our vehicle, a dash cam see everything that you do... and don't. Often referred to as the silent protector on the road, they can help you prove your innocence when push comes to shove, providing evidence of your journey - but what other things do dash cams capture, even if you notice or not?

Well this blog dives into the vast range of things that dash cams can capture - and we've even provided a few examples for you to indulge.

Traffic Accidents

Dash cams, as their primary usage, can provide footage of collisions, which can be invaluable for insurance claims and legal issues. They can also provide invaluable information, such as G-force, GPS-measured speed, Location & much more.

Hit and Run Incidents

Dash cams can capture incidents where a driver hits another vehicle or pedestrian and leaves the scene. This is a higher risk when it comes to an uninsured, disqualified or even operating whilst DUI (Driving Under Influence), allowing you to provide crucial footage in proving your innocence, and outlaying the situation. 

Parking Accidents and Vandalism

Dash cams equipped with parking mode can record incidents that happen to a parked car, which can extend to vandalism of your vehicle, or even attempted theft. Dash cams with cloud storage can also provide evidence if the vehicle successfully gets stolen, potentially identifying the culprit.

Dash cams can also capture generic vandalism in the streets, dependant on whether the dash cam was recording or not.

Road Trip Scenery

Many people use dash cams to record scenic drives, an example is the Scottish winding roads, battling the elements whilst witnessing beautiful landscapes. An additional point here would be using dash cams for recreational use in a sense of showcasing a convoy of other vehicles - commonly modified.

Dangerous Driving

Reckless driving behaviours such as speeding, weaving through traffic, or aggressive driving actions are often captured. Also know as "Certi", urban, built-up areas normally fall victim of so-called behaviour, potentially endangering lives and breaking numerous laws along the way - and your dash cam can grab evidence of this behaviour.

Insurance Fraud

Dash cams can help prove the true legitimacy of a claim if another party stages an accident. Such insurance scams take shape in the form of brake-checking, ghost accident claims, over-exaggeration of damages, false witnesses & pedestrian scams to name a few of these.

Weather Conditions

Dash cams can document the conditions during extreme weather events while driving. A big trend in the United States for this is storm chasing - especially on the notorious Tornado Alley stretch, spanning from Northern Texas, heading northward through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and parts of Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska and eastern Colorado - a pretty big capture area!

Unexpected Events

Unexpected events captured on dash cams include clips of meteors, wildlife encounters, and other rare sights - such as drunken people! These can be highly amusing, interesting or even hilarious, and normally go viral as these clips or out of the ordinary!