Why do I need a Dash Cam?

Why do I need a Dash Cam?

Current Dash Cams act as a silent witness in the event of a road traffic accident, what the dash cam footage will enable is to identify who was at fault thus helping to prove liability in the event of an insurance claim.

The question is do you really need a dash cam? Most who buy dash cams buy a dash cam based on some snazzy features like lane guidance, parking mode or even sense people around the car and starts recording, well most of that is us waffle to help sell themselves. Let’s get real you want a dash cam to record an accident if you are unfortunate to be involved.

So if I am to buy a dash cm I want it to

  1. Record
  2. Record
  3. Record

What I don’t want is a bleep, bosh bang and more bleeps to tell me that my driving is not as good as the preconfigured settings in these gimmicky dash cams. So know we know that a dash cam is your silent witness in the event of an accident and help prove what actually happened. The UK currently has over 4million dash cams on our road and guess what over 80% of those dash cams are recording anything. What I hear you say, my dash cam may not be recording anything. Yes that’s correct.

The first most consumers buy the best dash cam for their money but the when it comes to the SD will shoot for the cheapest one they can buy. This presents the first problem, the issue here is that these SD card are not high capacity and not designed to be used for a number of continuous hours, when you use your memory car in your smart phone or camcorder is usually for a few minutes and then off again, for a dash cam it may have to read and write for hours thus the density of the SD card need to be high.

The second issue most dash cam present are the loop recording features, what that means they records for a number of minutes then stope and then start again, the major issue here is that sometimes you can have an accident in that moment between loops and not record a single frame. That’s no good for a dash cam.

The third misconception is parking mode. What is parking mode on a dash cam? I asked 10 of my friends what they thought parking mode was on a dash cam and they all thought that parking mode recoded everything event that happened to the car when its left unattended because it has a battery built into a dash cam. Well they may be right for the first 2/3 minutes. Most dash cams that you can buy today and even the ones that have won awards all have a parking mode that runs off a battery but the issue here is that the battery is so small, roughly the size of a battery that you would use in a key fob and then that has to run a CPU, Lens, Image sensor , SD card and the screen of the dash cam it runs out very quickly so it may record 2/3 minutes of an event that has taken place but that’s about it, the battery will be flat and the dash cam is then permanently off until you start the car again.

The forth and most serious issue with dash cams are the ones with screens, screens dash cam are not required, they are low quality and you don’t actually need them to fit a dash cam, they play back on these screens is difficult due to the size and the biggest issue is that the screens cause an distraction and could further cause an accident if you become distracted in your own car. There has been some known cases where Police forces around the UK are now prosecuting drivers who have dash cams with screens, as they fall under the same law as having a dvd player o whilst driving.

So with all these issues with dash cam why are people rushing out to buy them? Road Angel is British and we know what the British consumer wants. Road Angel is the only dash cam manufacturer in the world who design and engineer their consumer dash cams in the UK. Road Angel talks to consumers and has heard all the problems with dash cams and have solved these issues with our Halo range of dash cams.

Road Angel Halo dash cam do the following, they have no screens so they cause no distractions and also draw the attention of thieves. The Road Angel halo dash cams record 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so you can be sure that every second of every journey is being recorded and even when you are not with the car the Road Angel dash cam is always recording.

Road Angel halo dash cam also talks to your and checks the SD card so in the event that the SD card breaks down or starts to fail the Road Angel Halo dash cam will tell you.

With Road Angel Halo dash cams starting at £99.99 you can be sure to get the full picture.