A Package for Every Driver

Each subscription allows your device to unlock different features so whether you are looking for basic alerts or need more comprehensive support you only pay for what you need.

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choose your package:

  • Advanced Plan


  • UK Live Road Speed Library

    • OTA Updates
    • PC/Mac Updates
    • Coming 2024


    Traffic, Congestion & Roadworks

    • Live Motorway Variable Speed Alerts
    • Smart Motorway Lane Closures
    • Smart Motorway Cameras

    OTA: Over-the-Air Firmware Updates*

    • Update your device without it leaving the car!
    • *OTA Subject to Size of Update
  • 1-Year Live Data Cover

    GPS Digital Speedometer
    Road Angel App (New)
    Coming soon to All Pure Devices
    Live Cloud Connectivity
    Pure Touch/One Only
    Pre-installed SIM card activation
    Mobile Speed Camera Vans
    Live Speed Traps
    Dual / Laser Detector Activation
    Bus Lane Cameras
    Red Light Cameras
    Fixed Speed Cameras
    Overspeed Alerts
    School Zones
    Blackspot Hazards
    Congestion Zones
    UK Road Speed Library
    Quarterly Road Speed Library Updates

stay ahead

Uncover mobile speed traps with Live Data

All of our devices come with our most advanced GPS Speed Detector technology and with a Live data package (available on all subscriptions) giving you real-time alerts for UK speed cameras – except Smart Motorways you'll be better primed to never miss a speed trap, mobile camera or static speed camera with up-to-date information.

*Available on Basic, Advanced and Complete Plus packages.

stay alert

Our Alerts database advises drivers of fixed cameras and other warnings, such as:

Speed Cameras

Average Speed Camera

Camera Van

Live Camera Van

Blackspot Hazard

School Zone

Laser Gun Monitor

Red Light Camera

Red Light Dual Camera

Congestion Zone

Smart Motorways

Get added data for Smart Motorways, which are controlled by variable speed limits, with Road Angel’s Advanced and Complete Plus packages. Directly connected to Highways England if the speed of the road change so does your alert.

*Available on Advanced & Complete Plus Packages.

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